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Boston Harbour

In Rette

In Rette

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Versatile Protection for Every Occasion

Introducing our versatile technical mesh jacket, a reliable companion that offers protection and comfort in nearly any situation. This jacket is designed to keep you cool when it's hot, thanks to its breathable mesh construction. Whether you're riding your motorcycle, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply enjoying a casual day out, this jacket has got you covered.

Defend yourself with this versatile technical mesh jacket suitable for nearly any occasion. Its mesh design keeps you cool when hot, and you’ll stay cozy with its quilted liner zipped in. Comfort is assured via its stretch panels, a variety of adjustments, and an American-style cut. CE-approved shoulders and elbows internal armors for impact protection.

Stay Cozy and Comfortable

We prioritize your comfort, which is why this technical mesh jacket comes with a quilted liner that can be zipped in for added warmth when needed. The stretch panels incorporated into the design ensure a flexible and comfortable fit, allowing freedom of movement. With a variety of adjustments available, you can personalize the jacket to suit your preferences and body shape. The American-style cut adds a touch of rugged charm to your look.

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