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Boston Harbour

Boston Harbour Bruce leather Biker jacket/

Boston Harbour Bruce leather Biker jacket/

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  • Product Specification

    ◉ Outer shell is made using carefully selected premium grade genuine sheep skin leather
    ◉ Lining is made using combination of soft polyester twill fabric and poly-quilt panels with soft poly-taffeta in sleeves
    ◉ A light poly-fill interlining has been put to keep body warm in cooler weather
    ◉ Two zippered chest pockets and two waist pockets
    ◉ Lining pockets on both sides of the jacket and a separate buttoned lining pocket to hold electronics or other valuables

  • Extra Care Information

    ◉ Wipe Surface With Damp Cloth
    ◉ Do Not Wring
    ◉ Do Not Dry Clean
    ◉ Do Not Bleach
    ◉ Do Not Iron
    ◉ Do Not Tumble Dry
    ◉ Hang Dry In Shade Vertically


The exquisite allure of the Bruce Black Comfort Fit Real Leather Jacket renders it a quintessential garment capable of effortlessly enhancing any ensemble, whether you embrace the daylight's casual charm or transition seamlessly into the enchanting allure of evening events. Crafted from the finest authentic leather, this jacket epitomises a harmonious fusion of style and comfort, a union that elevates it above the realm of mere outerwear and into the realm of a sartorial masterpiece.

Its sophisticated design, highlighted by the classic collar and secured by stud fastened cuffs, exudes an air of refinement that bestows upon its wearer an aura of timeless elegance. The soft, supple texture of genuine leather further contributes to an unrivalled sense of comfort, enveloping you in a cocoon of luxury that harmonizes with every movement.

Ingeniously fashioned with an astute eye for practicality, the jacket boasts two meticulously placed interior pockets. These discreet sanctuaries ingeniously meld functionality with form, accommodating your treasured belongings while preserving the jacket's uncluttered silhouette. This marriage of fashion and utility ensures that you can effortlessly navigate your day with a sense of ease, unburdened by the constraints of traditional pockets.

As the sun descends beyond the horizon, and the moon's silvery glow takes center stage, the Bruce Black Comfort Fit Real Leather Jacket gracefully evolves from a chic daytime companion to an enchanting evening accomplice. Pair it with a crisp button-down shirt and tailored trousers for a sophisticated urban ensemble that commands attention in any social setting. Alternatively, embrace its versatility by layering it over a laid-back tee and jeans, granting you an air of effortless cool as you embark on your daytime adventures.

Embrace the essence of timelessness with the Bruce Black Comfort Fit Real Leather Jacket, as its enduring charm renders it immune to the ever-changing tides of fashion. Unlike fleeting trends that wax and wane, this jacket stands as a steadfast testament to enduring elegance and style. With each wear, it weaves itself into the tapestry of your life, capturing precious memories and milestones, becoming a cherished part of your personal narrative.

In essence, the Bruce Black Comfort Fit Real Leather Jacket transcends the realm of mere fashion, becoming an emblem of your identity, an extension of your innermost self. As you traverse the canvas of life, its allure and adaptability shall accompany you, a constant source of reassurance and confidence. Unyielding in its elegance, this jacket embodies the perfect synergy of versatility, tradition, and enduring style, a timeless masterpiece that defies the passage of time and remains an everlasting symbol of your individuality.

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