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Boston Harbour

Boston Harbour Traper long black coat/jacket for men

Boston Harbour Traper long black coat/jacket for men

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  • Product Specification

    ◉ Made using carefully selected soft genuine sheep skin leather
    ◉ Lining is a combination of polyester twill fabric and poly-quilt lower panels giving it a unique style
    ◉ A light poly-fill interlining has been put to keep body warm in cooler weather
    ◉ Chest pockets that can switch to classic style with leather buttoned flap or it can be put inside the pocket showing the zip closure to keep a modern look
    ◉ Style stitch design panels on the sides to keep a snug biker fit

  • Extra Care Information

    ◉ Wipe Surface With Damp Cloth
    ◉ Do Not Wring
    ◉ Do Not Dry Clean
    ◉ Do Not Bleach
    ◉ Do Not Iron
    ◉ Do Not Tumble Dry
    ◉ Hang Dry In Shade Vertically


Discover the essence of enduring elegance with the John Jacket, a timeless masterpiece that effortlessly embodies impeccable style and refined taste. From its mid-length silhouette with a meticulously neat straight edge to its inherent versatility, this jacket stands as a sartorial testament to enduring sophistication, fitting seamlessly into both casual and semi-formal settings, and gracefully complementing a myriad of outfits.

Indulge in the tactile luxury of the finest leather, its smooth finish serving as a hallmark of exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted with a commitment to excellence, the John Jacket's paneled construction ensures not only a visually pleasing design but also remarkable durability and enhanced strength, promising a garment that will withstand the tests of time with unwavering resilience.

At its pinnacle of sophistication lies the John Jacket's stand-up Nehru style collar, an evocative fusion of cultural influences that bestows upon its wearer an air of regal charm. Paying homage to traditional elegance while embracing modern sensibilities, this distinctive collar elevates the jacket to a class of its own, making a bold statement in the world of refined fashion.

The robust zipper front serves both as a practical closure and as an emblem of rugged sophistication. As you fasten the zipper, a sense of assuredness envelopes you, knowing that this meticulously crafted jacket will remain steadfast and secure, a dependable companion on your journey through life's adventures.

Such versatility knows no bounds, as the John Jacket effortlessly adapts to various social settings and occasions. Pair it with a crisp dress shirt and tailored trousers to exude an air of confident elegance at semi-formal events. Transition seamlessly into leisurely affairs by combining it with jeans and a classic tee, effortlessly projecting an aura of laid-back sophistication.

More than a mere garment, the John Jacket becomes an extension of your personality, defining your style with timeless finesse. Its essence is not confined to passing trends but rather stands as an enduring emblem of sartorial brilliance. Embrace the allure of this jacket, and it will reward you with an unparalleled sense of confidence and panache.

In a world where fads come and go, the John Jacket remains a steadfast beacon of enduring allure. It embodies the belief that true elegance transcends the whims of time, and superior craftsmanship endures. With the John Jacket as your sartorial companion, you become the epitome of timeless style, leaving an indelible mark on every occasion and etching your legacy as a connoisseur of refined taste.

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