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Jackets made out of leather are known for many things such as their durability, heat retention, wind resistance, etc. These make them suitable for a wide range of activities such as trekking, camping, riding, and other activities. In addition to that, leather jacket outfits can also be great wear for work.

The article presents some of the highly appealing and common outfits you can wear including leather jackets.

Leather jackets options

Leather is a widely used clothing material that comes from cattle. Their skin is processed into stitchable material for making garments. Further, it is dyed into different colors and goes through the stitching stage. This is where leather jackets and other wearable items are made. These jackets come with various designs and color options.

These options are available and adaptable for various uses. In this regard, the article shall provide 10 outfit options that can be worn for work. These are:

Wearing leather jackets with matching pants

A very simple dressing choice is using leather coats instead of fabric coats. They can go exquisitely with the same color pants such as a black leather jacket with black pants. This gives the outfit of wearing a normal formal suit but with a more stylish look. Leather jackets make you stand out more than fabric coats and make you look formal in these black leather jacket outfits or in any other shade.

Dave Real Biker Black Leather Jacket

Go with a contrasting color skirt

For women, skirts are a highly probable choice to wear for office. These go great with leather jackets. The catch to look stylish and appealing in this is to go with contrasting colors. For example, if you are going for brown leather jacket outfits wear a yellow skirt or green one. This combination will make you stand out and give your personality a better outlook.

Contrasting pants too come with vibrant appeal

This particularly goes with a white and black combination. Wearing white cotton pants and a sleek black bomber jacket or black pants with a white leather jacket makes you look very prominent. The opposites make your personality appear as a combination of yin and yang. Such a daring look is a worthy thing to have when you are battling work hurdles all day.

Avedo Vintage Brown Leather Jacket

Wear a tie with a lapel collar men leather jacket

Tie is often associated with being formal and therefore you can try it with new and new styles. One such style is wearing it with men's jacket outfits which come with lapel collars. The jackets come in various styles among which is the lapel collar. These can be worn with a dress shirt and a tie to look formal. While the overall look goes with formals, you get to look more stylish.

Leather pants are advisable with leather jacket outfits for ladies

If you are using leather for jackets, you can also use the same for the pants. This can be a worthwhile choice on a normal workday at the office. The leather pants go impressively with jackets of the same material as the all-leather look. Just make sure that both have the right fitting and size to be comfortable and classy.

Try wearing t-shirts with plus-size leather jacket outfits

Although T-shirts are often not considered as part of the formal outfits, but combination with jackets and coats can do wonders. You can try a plain T-shirt either matching such as a black T-shirt with a black leather jackets or contrasting such as a white T-shirt with a brown jacket. These combinations give you a comfortable experience while looking formal enough for your workplace.

Winter Becky Hooded Black Leather Jacket

Try cool colors for leather jacket outfits women

Leather jackets for ladies come in a much longer list of options than for gentlemen. You can try these even in cool colors to work with the right outfit combinations. Colors such as green, red, pink, yellow, and colors of names men cannot remember can be put to great use in the office. These leather jackets should often come with jeans and turtleneck shirts.

Wear a dress to work accompanied by oversized leather jackets

Women can also wear a dress to work as their choice for formal dressing. This choice can be boasted by trying oversized leather jacket outfits. These make the dress stand out while at the same time, it comes with an addition of more determination to your presence.

Enjoy office parties with bright color jackets

Bright color jackets such as red leather jackets outfits can be a great choice for office parties. Work is not just about working until the nervous breakdown. When it gets interesting, you too need to dress up a bit more colorful. Bright colors can be a great choice in such conditions. Combinations such as bright color leather jackets along with bright shirts or skirts can do just the trick.

Do it with sweaters over the dress shirt 

A highly effective use of the right formal dress-up is going with a sweater over a shirt and tie. Brown leather jacket outfits are a very probable choice for this. These jackets can be worn with a lighter color sweater and a light-colored shirt with a corresponding tie. This jacket plays the role of additional appeal to the rest of the outfit.

Keith Biker Black Leather Jacket


Leather jacket outfits for men and women are not just for daring activities. These can also be used for formal dressing in the workplace. These can be in a variety of outfits and combinations. In this variety ten of the outfit options are presented in the article. In addition to these, there can be hundreds of more options for work dress-up.

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  • Would it hurt to try something new than the already tried outfits?
  • It is good to try new things but it is best to stay as simple as possible. Too much stylish makes it non-serious and thus casual. Such behavior is not good for work and leaves a bad impression on you.

  • Is it wise to try gender-specific outfits as uni-sex outfits?
  • Gender-specific outfits are mainly made on the physical attribute and result of precise stitching. using them in any other way feels awkward and does more damage to a person’s perception than to help it. So it is better to stay gender specific for this.

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