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Leather jackets are made with different styles, designs, and combinations. The most frequent combination in these jackets is the lining of the jackets which is made from different materials such as polyester, cotton, wool, silk, nylon, and the most important material fur. It is used as different fur options, depending upon its source. It is highly demanded for the primary reasons for being warm and attractive. But it is added to jackets at different locations within jackets and on both (inner and outer) sides to make leather jackets with fur.

What are the famous fur options for leather jackets?

Like leather itself, fur too comes from natural sources. These are mainly different animal skins again like leather which are then processed and made suitable for usage. Moreover, synthetic fur is also made for usage in jackets and other purposes next to natural fur. These highly-known options include faux fur made synthetically with polyester, modacrylic, and acrylic fibers; fox fur processed from fox hairs, sable fur processed from sable skin, and sheepskin fur processed from sheepskin.
These options are utilized in various forms and sizes to make leather jackets with fur.

Arcadia Sherpa Oversized Jacket

How fur is used in a leather jacket with fur?

Fur is not used as the main material nor as the lining of the jacket. It is mainly used as an additional padding to the jacket at different positions. This addition plays different roles for the jacket and its usage. Boston Harbour also makes such jackets containing fur. Some of the common positions are:

The collar of the jacket

Fur is sometimes added to the collar as an extra layer. This addition just goes around the neck and mainly keeps the neck warm. Additionally, it helps to keep the heat of the body in the chest area from escaping. It also adds some to the physical appeal of the jacket and its wearer. The fur normally adds a contrast to the jacket while in certain cases this can also be of matching combination.

Lapel fur for the jackets

A leather jacket with fur could also contain the lapel added with fur. It covers a much larger area than the collar and targets the front opening. It retains the heat from the closure and protects the front from cold harsh winds. Since it covers a significantly large area, the effect of the fur is strong on the overall look of the jacket.

Inner side padding in a leather jacket with fur

Leather jackets may be padded with fur on the inside. This could include just the back and front of the inside or complete insides with arms included. Such an addition of fur can make the inside of the jacket as warm and heat-containing. This primary only provides a cozy experience for the wearer and has a near-to-no effect on appearance.

Fur padding on the outer side

Outer padding is installed similarly to the inner padding as for the main body only and with arms combined. Padding does not include fur in its normal thickness. A rather very thin layer is added to the outer side of the Black leather jacket with fur. This layer provides functions i.e. outlook, heating, and heat retention, combined. But some more luxurious leather jackets with fur are made with full-length fur. These are very warm as compared to other jackets.

Anelka Faux Fur Hooded Black Jacket

Fur-added hoods in leather jackets

The hood is not necessarily included in leather jackets but the ones made for more cold areas. For the same reason, fur is added to the hood. This is a very small part of the jacket and can be very efficiently helpful for heating and heat retention. The fur in the hood insulates heat from escaping the body through the head and stays circulating within the jacket.

Fur cuffs of leather jacket with fur

Cuffs are one of the openings of upper body garments thus they too have to deal with heating problems. This is where fur comes in for addition in cuffs. This can be on the outside which comes with physical appeal as well as heating. On the other hand, it can be on the inside and thus only provide the heating facility for the jacket.

Fur for leather jacket’s arms

As per the design of leather jackets, arms are often treated differently than the rest. As a result, fur may be added in just arms or not. Moreover, this addition of fur may be on the inside or the outside of a leather jacket for women with fur. The effect of this addition is like the addition of fur on the cuffs i.e. inside fur provides heating and experience while outside provides heating and appeal.

Winter Becky Hooded Black Leather Jacket


Leather jackets come with various additions in addition to designs and styles. A common and highly demanded addition is fur due to reasons mainly heating and attraction. This addition is next to the primary lining of the jacket. Different types of fur are used to make a leather jacket with fur. Since it is not a fundamental addition it can be added in various positions in a jacketa. Boston Harbour also makes these jackets in various positions. The important positions are discussed in the article in this regard.

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  • Which fur position is best for practical usage?
  • There can be no definite criteria to decide the best fur position. It all depends largely on the conditions of your usage, your location, and your physical ability to bear cold. To get the best experience, you need to experiment to find the right one. Once the best position of fur for you is discovered, you need to stick to it.

  • Does fur require additional care during usage?
  • Fur, whether synthetic or natural, requires its intended care. This goes another step in an additional step to primary care for leather. The care for fur is meant to keep it intact and in the condition that the intended purpose is achieved.

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